"The best instructor I've ever had in ANYTHING!"
       - Harvard University students, 6 years in a row


Every Wednesday. Ken & Paula teach a FREE West Coast Swing beginner lesson, every Wednesday at 9:30 pm, as part of the largest, friendliest weekly WCS dance in New York City! We hope to see you there! 412 8th Ave, 4th Floor, betw 30th & 31st (just south of Penn Station). The lesson is free, and worth every penny. Come experience a very different and much easier approach to learning WCS! The dance is $10, 9:07-1/2 PM to 12:00 midnight.

March 13-15. Paula & Ken will be teaching at Motley Hue, a national Fusion weekend, in New York City! We hope to see you there!

Saturday, March 28. Ken & Paula will be teaching West Coast Swing (WCS) at Allied Champions Dance Center in East Brunswick, NJ. If you are in the North Jersery / NYC area, come join us and experience a very different and much easier approach to learning West Coast Swing!

April 10-12. Paula & Ken will be teaching West Coast Swing (WCS) and Dance Movement workshops at the famous
Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA.

Thursdays, April 16 - May 21 (6 weeks, Thursday evenings), 6-9 pm. Paula & Ken will be teaching West Coast Swing (WCS) and Lindy Hop (Swing) classes at the famous City College in New York City. This is two separate 6-week courses for the price of one! (They didn't want to list two separate courses in their catalog. You win!) Every lesson builds on the previous ones for fast learning.
          - West Coast Swing 101  -  6:15-7:30pm
          - Lindy Hop Swing 101  -  7:45-9:00pm
          - Price: $135 per person, or $199 per couple. Take one classes or both classes for that price! It's crazy, but there's no extra charge for taking both. We'd love to see you in both!
          - First class meeting is free! So come! Dance first, decide later! We'll do all registrations at the END of the first night, to guarantee your satisfaction. If you like it, register. If not, we're glad you came!
          - Location:
Shepard Hall, corner of Convent Ave. & 140th Street. Enter this amusingly anchor-shaped building at the doors closest to 140th St. Room number to be announced later, but we know we'll be in the curved part of the anchor.
         - Prerequisite: Ability to count to 6. Ability to count to 8 recommended but not required. No prior dance experience needed. No partner needed; we rotate partners in class. No drop-ins, sorry; it's like a University course, where each lesson builds on all previous lessons for fast learning!

Saturday, April 18. New York City. Paula & Ken will be teaching West Coast Swing (WCS) as part of the TIPDI West Coast Swing + Zouk + Body Rolls Weekend Intensive series! In addition, Paula will teach the world's best "Body Rolls & Body Waves" class. For full details, visit

Ken & Paula taught a "how to teach better" workshop for West Coast Swing instructors at the prestigious
Liberty West Coast Swing Dance Championships. We presented "Quick Super-Effective Teaching Tips that No One in West Coast Swing is Using (Yet!)". A full workbook with over 30 tranformative tips is now available for $25. The examples are drawn from West Coast Swing, but the tips are equally valuable for all partner-dance teaching. If you want to learn more, or bring us in for a workshop in your area, .



Ken Kreshtool • West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jittergbug, Ballroom, Salsa on 1
Professional Dance Instructor (also B.A., A.M., M.A., J.D.). Six years in a row student-commented by Harvard students as "the best instructor I've ever had in ANYTHING!" Ken is an award-winning dancer and teacher, who taught the largest and most popular partner-dance classes in the Boston area, before moving to New York City.

Paula Wilson • West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango
Paula is a graduate of the Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance, and the Alvin Ailey Professional School. She was a professional modern and commercial dancer who also danced, taught, and performed Argentine Tango, Modern, and Musical Theatre dance in Argentina, the UK, and South Korea, before plunging into West Coast Swing.

Paula and Ken began partnering in West Coast Swing (WCS) in 2012. Their partnership has grown to include running several smaller dance events and NYC's largest weekly WCS dance. You are warmly invited to our free lesson every Wednesday at Club 412 (412 8th Ave, 4th Floor, between 30th & 31st, just south of Penn Station). We also co-direct and co-produce The International Partner Dance Intensive (TIPDI), a cumulative, leveled, immersive dance experience for adults, where everyone cross-learns 3 partner dances (WCS, Salsa on 2, Argentine Tango) and 3 classical dances (Ballet, Modern, Afro-Haitian) from 9 of the world's top teachers. It's crazy brilliant fun, and we hope you will join us!


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