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Register now for TIPDI, The International Partner Dance Intensive (, Aug 13-16, 2015!

Ken is the Associate Artistic Director of TIPDI, The International Partner Dance Intensive. August 13-16, 2015, in the heart of New York City. It's a 4 nights / 3 days intensive dance camp for adults, or mini dance conservatory if you prefer, where you will be immersed in 22.5 hours of instruction in West Coast Swing, Salsa (on 2), Argentine Tango, Ballet, Modern, and Afro-Haitian. Yes, you take classes in all 6 dance forms -- this cross-training is designed to improve your regular partner dancing like you won't believe. All of the teachers are the world's top instructors. All classes are tracked (leveled). You must already have at least a year of dance experience. See for full details, including housing options.

Ken taught a "how to teach better" workshop for West Coast Swing instructors at the prestigious Liberty West Coast Swing Dance Championships. We presented "Quick Super-Effective Teaching Tips that No One in West Coast Swing is Using (Yet!)". A full workbook with over 30 tranformative tips is now available for $25. The examples are drawn from West Coast Swing, but the tips are equally valuable for all partner-dance teaching. If you want to learn more, or bring us in for a workshop in your area, .

We are not teaching classes this year or next year. We are on hiatus, exploring other mischiefincluding trying to improve the craft of dance teaching in general. It is challenging. Most social dance teachers are wonderful dancers and nice people, but 99.9% are content to keep re-using archaic, ineffective teaching methods left over from the 1800s. They are simply not yet acquainted with teaching methods developed in the past 100 years, methods that give such great results in our classes. We are trying to change all that.
        When we return to teaching regular classes, we'll put up a note here a few months in advance.

Browsing the night away...  While you are here, we invite you to explore our web site. See the links above? And the links below on the left? Poke 'em and see what you can find! We have great suggestions on where to go dancing, massive lists of music recommendations, and tips & advice on everything from dance shoes to maximizing your private lessons.
      - Browsing is definitely the best way to discover all the treasures hidden in our merry little web site. But searching also has its place ... and that place is right here.
(Note: one page, our "Dance places: Swing" page, has not been indexed for searching, so use the link up above if you need to go there.) 



Ken Kreshtool,
Professional Ballroom, Swing & Salsa Instructor (also B.A., M.A., J.D., currently working on another M.A. at Teachers College, NYC). Six years in a row student-commented by Harvard students as "the best instructor I've ever had in ANYTHING!"

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Welcome to the GOTTA DANCE!® web site. Here you can see our schedules and other information that will help you become a fabulous dancer. In the real world beyond this web site, we offer Ballroom, Swing, Lindy Hop, Latin & Salsa dance classes and lessons in New York City, private lessons, and miscellaneous other dance-related offerings.

Our specialty is amazingly well-taught Beginners and Intermediate classes far more carefully and systematically taught than anywhere else (and still a blast!). We are fiercely dedicated to good teaching as well as good dancing so that you become a skillful dancer much faster than you can elsewhere.

What styles do we teach? Our Ballroom is the superb American Style in which you are dancing for the pleasure of dancing, rather than the competition-focused "dancesport" style. Our Salsa is authentic N.Y. Puerto Rican/Cuban "Break on 1" style. (It has not been "ballroom-ized.") Our Swing is authentic 6-count Swing/Jitterbug with a nod towards Lindy Hop. And our Lindy Hop is authentic Savoy style.

How to Improve Your Professional Social Life
. . . in 8 Weeks Flat!     

Come join us in the best taught, most sociable, and most entertaining classes in New England of any kind!  Swing dancing is booming, Latin and Salsa are zooming, and the gentle elegance of Ballroom Dance is always a pleasure! There are now places to dance one or all of these almost every night of the week!

FUN NOW, USEFUL FOREVER: Our classes themselves are a blast highly social, entertaining, and packed with dancing. And you'll be great every time an orchestra strikes up at clubs, balls, weddings, professional functions for the rest of your life. We'll even help you make it a longer and healthier life dancing is the (second) best exercise you can get with another person wrapped in your arms.

CONVENIENT: We're located right in Cambridge in Harvard Square and Central Square, just a few minutes outside of Boston. (In fact, we're closer to downtown Boston than most of Boston is!) (UPDATE: We're currently in New York City. But you are welcome to look at our spiffy homemade Cambridge map anyway.)


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